Blogger Says What?

The Simon Cowell of Web 2.0



I also post frequently on my work blog digtrends and last week I wrote a post on the newest form of reality TV, Justin.TV. This is an interesting experiment which I am curious to see the outcome of. I think that the sponsors behind this campaign really put themselves in a good position in terms of utilizing web 2.0. Sure there is going to be negative feedback and at times it might be boring, but honestly if the people tuning in expect to be entertained 24/7 they need rethink why they are watching. I visit the site several times during the day to see what Justin is up to and each time I find that there are over 300 people simultaneously logged in participating in the ongoing chat.

Is this a fad that will eventually wear itself out? Probably, but not before Justin gets his 15-minutes. I bet he will be making appearances on Leno and Regis & Kelly sooner than you might think.


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