Blogger Says What?

The Simon Cowell of Web 2.0

About Scott


I’ll keep this short and sweet…

I am a 23 year old Gemini that loves House, ‘Forever’ by John Stamos, Akon, Puggles, the “ching ching” part of the 90210 theme song, Red Bull, cruisin’ in the Alt, cotton headed ninny muggins, and every single line from Dumb & Dumber. My dislikes; poor dental hygiene, the wearing of neon colors for fashion trends, “cut it out,” traffic jams, stubbing my toe, people that don’t watch full house, things that wake me up earlier than necessary and people that act in any resemblance to wet mops. I’m a native of Boston and proud member of Red Sox Nation. I work for a company that specializes in harnessing social media for advertising. During the day you can find me behind a desk getting lost among the millions of websites that plague the internet. At night haha…. well all I have to say is my claim to fame is bringing back the runnin’ man!


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