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This Buds all through – This site was launched in January of 2006 and was intended to promote the entire beer industry. Anheuser-Busch wanted to highlight the social aspects of beer drinking using this site. In phase II of this campaign Herestobeer has partnered with social network to bring beer drinkers together encouraging clubbers and bar patrons to post photos of friends toasting with beer bottles and mugs.

The ‘Here’s to Beer’ campaign wasn’t as big of a success as Anheuser-Busch had expected. The sites “lack of success” can be measured by Technorati’s 330 or so links to the site and Compete’s minimal traffic ranking. Personally I’m not a big Anheuser-Busch fan. I mean sure it got the job done when I was in college, but asking me to sit down and have a beer with a dead guy? C’mon!! Thats not interesting or engaging!!

If you ask me I think that Anheuser-Busch might have checked themselves into AA with this campaign because I definitely agree with Adrants and Jay on this one.

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Coke Zero is zero at the half

Coke sues Coke Zero– This viral campaign was created to show consumers that Coke Zero tastes just like Coke. It was a mock-up lawsuit showing what would have happened if Coke sued itself filing “taste-infringement.” The lawyers were supposedly unaware of what was happening at the time giving the campaign a “realistic” feel.

As interesting as this campaign might seem, it didn’t get the desired results they had anticipated using social media. On July 26, 2006 they released the video to Youtube. Due to lack of interest, awareness, or maybe the awful attempt of an air guitar, whatever it may be, the viral has only received about 9,000 views to date and has only been favorited 20 or so times. If the people over at Coke think this is going to fly with consumers they have another thing coming.

Coke might be a sponsor for American Idol, but as far as ‘Idol Internet Style’ I think they just booked their plane ticket home. I see the future of Coke Zero right up next to Crystal Pepsi… or at least their marketing department anyway.

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And So the Saga Begins….

Ok so I never thought I would jump on the band-wagon with this “trend” but here goes…

I have become sickened with the countless attempts by companies and bloggers who want their 15-minutes of fame. We all agree that harnessing social media is the up-and-coming form of advertising, HOWEVER hasn’t your mother ever told you there’s a time and place for everything!?!? Some of the junk I come across on a daily basis that companies have tried to use is just that…JUNK! You can’t expect to drive traffic to your website, blog, microsite, viral campaign, etc., if what your offering your consumers and readers isn’t compelling or engaging. I could go on and on about the do’s and don’ts of social media just from my experiences and extensive research, but instead I’m going to go at it from a different angle.

I want this blog to be the “American Idol” of the internet. I’m going to give you my two cents about the things I find and then I want my readers to tell me what you think. If anyone thinks thier up for the challenge send me a link to your website, blog, viral or whatever other “creative” idea you think you might have. I’ll be the judge….

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